Christmas Wreath – What Does It Symbolize?

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Aside from adding color to the Christmas season, the Christmas wreath is actually more than just a bunch of flowers and leaves. More than the beauty and the splendor it offers, the wreath has a spiritual symbolism that the religious have time and again determined. The Christmas season isn’t just your usual holiday. It’s a season of giving and forgiving, and the good ole wreath has something important to represent.

The early tradition of the wreath dates back to the Roman empire where it was basically used to show power, pride, and strength. The Greeks also use the wreath as a symbol of success and accomplishment. Long ago, it wasn’t used to decorate homes or other establishments. It was worn to beautify one’s self. As the years go by, the symbolic wreath becomes an adornment to every home. First, it became a table decoration with candles added to surround the beautiful flowers and leaves. The decoration basically reminded the people that despite the cold winter, spring would come again, and everything will be bright and sunny once more.

What does each element symbolize?

For Christians, the wreath is composed of several aspects, each with a different spiritual meaning. During Christmas, it is emphasized at social and religious gatherings that the wreath must be kept insightful with the season

The wreath is represented as pieces of flowers, leaves, and twigs forming a circle. This circular shape ultimately symbolizes the presence of the Lord in the lives of those who believe in Him. That with God, there is no end nor a beginning. Aside from this, it also means the eternal life of Jesus Christ, who was sent by the Lord to save mankind. With the same circle, we are also reminded of the unending love of God to all humanity, keeping and renewing hope despite many adversities.  Aside from its spiritual meaning, many also believe that the wreath is a representation of the seasonal cycle of winter to spring, and so on and so forth.

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What does each material in the wreath mean?

During the early years, wreaths were made out of evergreen materials. These evergreen materials generally mean survival and endurance despite hardships in life. The holly on the wreath symbolizes the crown of thorns placed on the head of Jesus Christ when He was crucified. The yew and pine, on the other hand, mean eternal and everlasting life. The laurel leaf stands for steadiness and strength over suffering. The cedar symbolizes the reason for healing after all the pain. Lastly, the pine cones, nuts, and seeds symbolize the birth and the rebirth of Christ.

What does the color of the wreath mean?

Traditionally, Christmas colors are green and red. These colors aren’t just pretty to look at as they, too have symbolic meanings. Red spiritually means the blood of Christ which He shed to save mankind from sin. For Christians, green means life and rebirth. It also represents eternal life after death.

Another special wreath is seen during the Advent season. The advent wreaths are usually composed of the evergreen circle only this time, they are also adorned with pink, purple or white candles that also have different meanings. This advent wreath is placed to represent the coming of Jesus Christ after He has risen. When the candles are lighted, it means that He will give light to the world.

The next time you look at the wreath hanging outside your door during Christmas, think about the symbolic meaning this beautiful adornment provides. They aren’t just pretty and adorable little things. They are spiritual representations of our faith in the Lord.